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Grapeserve Helps Wineries
Grow Profits and Happy Customers

Grapeserve gives you an extra set of hands on your busiest days while your guests relax at their tables, so your team has more time to focus on delivering great wine tasting experiences.

What is Grapeserve for Wineries?

A remote table ordering, payment and loyalty solution for wineries.


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Grapeserve gives your team more time to focus on the tasting experience which will increase sales

Grapeserve increases visits to your winery, boosts repeat sales and gives you access to real-time insights

Grapeserve improves customer experience by eliminating queuing and reducing waiting times

Grapeserve puts you on the map, boosts your brand and lets you leverage our reach

Grapeserve does not replace or interfere with your current POS, it operates independently

Grapeserve is a remote ordering and payment app specifically for wineries, helping to streamline your service, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more


Download The App

Are you losing sales even before your customers
have their first glass of merlot?

We know what it’s like…your tasting room is filled to the brim, but your staff are struggling to keep up with all the orders, leaving zero time to encourage guests to buy more and stay longer.

The wine industry is booming and popularity increasing year on year, but the No.1 thing that sets your winery apart from another – is the experience you deliver to your guests. Because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how great your wine is… if the customer can’t get a glass of wine, they’re going to leave.

Grapeserve takes the pressure off your team, by allowing customers to browse your menu, order and pay directly from their table without even needing to be handed a menu. Leaving your team free to concentrate on delivering fabulous tasting experiences and upselling those extra bottles for guests to take home.

With Grapeserve you can look forward to the busiest days with excitement again, and enjoy pouring wines for tasting, discussing terroirs and varieties, and responding effortlessly to customer questions, ensuring every visitor enjoys their wine tasting experience and leaves full of praise… looking forward to their next visit to your winery.

In today’s digital world, even the most traditional establishments
need to be a little tech savvy.

At Grapeserve we know that implementing a new system can be a little daunting. We believe in keeping things simple and easy to use, so we’ve taken extra care to design the GrapeServe App with the people who will use it at the center of our processes.

We’ll install it, train your team and work with you to encourage your guests to download and use the app.

Why GrapeServe for Wineries?

  • Encourage Guests to buy more and
    stay longer
  • Attract new customers by leveraging
    Grapeserve’s user base
  • Know your customers and reward
    your regulars
  • Streamline operations by improving
    the customer experience and
    reducing your wage costs
  • Increase the lifetime value of
    your customers
  • All you need is an internet connection
    and a browser
Click here to try GrapeServe

GrapeServe taking the pressure off busy days, letting your customers relax and leaving your team free to focus on delivering great wine tasting experiences and those all important upsells.

Look who’s using Grapeserve

Are you ready to deliver great experiences
and grow profits?

No setup fees

Easy integration

Full support offered

No point-of-sale hassles

Secure electronic orders using PCI compliant security and bank grade SSL

Web-based interface that can be viewed on any device/computer

Click here to try GrapeServe